About Dewey/Humboldt

When people think of Dewey/Humboldt they envision a rural community with historic buildings, scenic vistas and wildlife. They also envision the stars on a dark quiet night. Dewey/Humboldt is located in the high desert of Central Arizona and 85 miles north of Phoenix and 12 miles east of Prescott. At an elevation of 4556 ft., residents enjoy a mild four-season climate with an occasional snowfall during the winter months.

The town of Dewey/Humboldt was incorporated in December 2004. Dewey/Humboldt represented two distinct communities during the last 100+ years with Dewey providing an agricultural and ranching economy while the Humboldt area had an economy based in mining.  As the town of Prescott Valley continued to grow since its founding in the mid 1960’s, the people within Dewey/Humboldt areas became concerned that the Prescott Valley’s growth and annexation strategy might continue along Highway 69 and could ultimately jeopardize the very low density, rural flavor of the area. The town’s City Council is committed to maintaining the rural flavor if the area (residential lot sizes are typically greater than 1/2 acre with most areas 1.6 acres or greater).

The total of 117 miles of road exist within the Dewey/Humboldt town limits. Only 28 miles of the roads are paved and 20 miles are considered “hard surface” and are maintained by the town. The remainder is considered private and is not maintained be the town given its proximity to both urbanized areas and truly rural areas, the town of Dewey/Humboldt offers a balance if both. That lifestyle is a compromise between rural privacy and ease access to the public services.

Dewey/Humboldt is steeped in a rich history that started back in the 1870’s when the first pioneer-settler, King Woolsey, recognized the beauty and richness if the land along the Auga Fria. From becoming a small town in 1899 to a boomtown in 1905, settlers blazed the trail for the citizens of today and have left behind a legacy. Many of the commercial buildings date back over 100 years and have remained unchanged. Dewey/Humboldt is considered part of the quad city area along with Prescott, Prescott Valley and Chino Valley.